Agile Coach
  •  Warsaw
  •  B2B contract
  •  Specialist (regular)
  •  Remote recruitment
  • Technologies we use:

    • Scrum/Kanban
    • Scaled agile frameworks – eg. SAFe, Nexu
  • Support for the implementation of large initiatives (scaled agile environment)
  • Work with leadership to maximize value delivery
  • Empower and grow leaders and teams potential
  • Support organization in identifing and removing impediments, to build end to end flows
  • Run trainings, facilitate workshops and other events (ex. Squads/Tribes Review, Retrospective, OKR planning sessions)
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Promote innovative thinking and self-improvement within organization and the teams

what do you bring?

  • Passion for Agile that you would like to share with others
  • Knowledge and practical experience of Agile
  • Courage not to agree on half measures
  • Ability to facilitate and lead organizational change and transformation (over 2 years’ experience in large companies)
  • Strong communication, facilitation and moderation skills
  • Ability to be partner who brings value for Squad Members / Tribe Leaders
  • Previous experience as Agile Coach
  • Experience in setting up Product Organization or Value Streams would be an adventage
  • Experience in setting up Product Organization or Value Streams would be an adventage
  • Experience in the role of RTE (Release Train Engineer) / STE (Solution Train Engineer) would be an additional advantage
  • Experience in SAFe or Nexus (or other scaled agile frameworks) is welcome

T-Mobile Poland is a part of Deutsche Telekom Group - a leading telecommunications operator in the world. With our international brand and local spirit, we can apply globally, acquired experience to initiate and maintain a digital transformation of the country that will lead to greater opportunities.

Joining T-Mobile Poland will offer you the space to develop yourself professionally and personally. We recently transitioned to a fully agile organization, with +1000 colleagues working in truly Business - Tech cross-functional teams. We invite you to join our Agile Coaches Team.

• You will have influence on business, organizational and mindset change

• You will be part of probably one of the biggest and serious Agile transformation on the market

• You will experience the good, bad and the ugly outcomes of transition into Agile

In our recruitment process, you can expect honesty and transparency. We consider each candidacy carefully and fairly, without any exceptions. We don’t look at your race, skin color, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, disability status, beliefs, appearance or religion. It’s your competencies that count.

We also guarantee that you will always receive feedback when participating in recruitment for #MagentaTeam.

  1. Send as your CV. We will contact the people who best fit the described role
  2. The first touchpoint is a phone call with our Recruitment Team to get to know you and your motivation
  3. If everything goes well we will invite you to the 1st stage: recruitment meeting with our Hiring Manager. We will talk about your experiences and interest, check mutual expectations and discuss recent technology trends. There will be also a place for your questions. If this meeting is successful, we will send You an offer.
We are a technology company, and our goal is to create innovative solutions for individual and business clients.

At T-Mobile, we all live in a magenta world! This color is close to our hearts and means faith in the success of undertaken actions, self-confidence, and endurance.
That’s who we are as a team.
At #MagentaTeam , we focus on exchanging experiences, agile work, and quick adaptation to changes! #MagentaTeam is, above all, a mix of different competencies, experiences, personalities, temperaments, and views. And this diversity is our greatest strength.