Tribe Leader ( GOcore )
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Misja Banku BNP Paribas: Wprowadzamy pozytywną bankowość w życie naszych Klientów, odpowiadając na ich potrzeby finansowe i ułatwiając im realizację celów. W sposób prosty, przemyślany i bezpieczny. Z troską o społeczeństwo i środowisko.

How to compete and differentiate in the world of technology democratization, where all market players can have access to sophisticated technological solutions? What really matters and makes the difference is the way the technology is being adapted. And we believe that the heart of smart technology adoption is scaling. Scalability enables cost efficient growth, quick responding to customers’ needs and high quality & security of services. Main driver of scalability in [email protected] strategy is Core Banking Ecosystem Transformation (GOcore).

The role of GOcore Tribe was created to manage the value delivery of core banking ecosystem transformation.

Goals of GOcore are following:

  1. Reducing the dependency between the Core Banking Ecosystem and other bank systems (with an emphasis on channels) to:
    • shorten Time To Market;
    • reduce costs;
    • reduce the risk of the bank's business development.
  2. Providing platforms, re-usable in various areas of the bank, ensuring scalability and, as a result, lower unit costs and lower risk of processes carried out on these platforms.
  3. Limiting the business logic and functional scope of current core banking system in order to prepare for future core-banking exchange.

All of the above is to reduce the cost, time and risk associated with potential core banking replacement in the future.

GOcore in 2022 was conducted in a form of a Program, so you won’t start from scratch – reference architecture, roadmap, business case, first validations with the Group, organization set-up are already in place, ready for continuous improvement & adaption (yes, we deliver value in agile way of working).

What is my mission?

As Tribe Leader, I am the Owner of range of Products of the Tribe, including IT vision, IT assets (development & maintenance) and E2E processes. My mission is to insure steady, frequent, sustainable Customer value creation leading to long term sustainable business growth in line with Bank strategic plan. I run the Tribe like my own business through set of  indicators (P&L, budget, cost effectiveness, Customer satisfaction), applying creativity and initiative to overcome obstacles and ensure commitment to the Tribe's goals delivery.

Who are my Customers?

My Customers are the Customers of the Bank (existing and potential). However, it is possible that the users of our Products are not directly the end-Customer of the Bank but an another Tribe, itself serving the end-Customers (for example a Tribe focused on a Product that is an enabler to other Products, such as a CRM Platform).

We are all partners joining forces to deliver Value to the end-Customers.

Who am I interacting with?

Empowered by the Management Board, I belong to the Tribe Leadership Team:

  • I interact with Customersor counterpart providing voice of Customer to keep always Customer perspective in the focus;
  • I work daily with my counterparts in the Leadership Team in order to steer the Tribe on a daily base from an end-to-end perspective;
  • I work the Product Owners and Business Chapters Leaders in the Tribe and I ensure their direct hierarchical management;
  • I interact with other Tribe Leaders during the Agile Ceremonies and on a daily base in order to minimize functional dependencies and solve impediments;
  • I interact with the key Stakeholders (e.g. Heads of Sales, Finance) and CoE Leaders during the Agile Events and on a daily base in order to align on the CoE’s Vision or to source the right competencies;
  • I foster the emergence of Guildswithin the Bank so that we can develop our knowledge and expertise around key topics for our Strategy and Products.


  • manage vision and purpose
  • priority setting
  • dealing with ambiguity
  • interpersonal savvy
  • startegic agility
  • action oriented
  • business acumen
  • motivating others


  • 10 years of professional experience working in technology area in/for banking sector
  • Experience in leading IT & business transformations
  • 5 years of people management experience
  • English: working professional proficiency level
  • Proven track of delivering value to the organization in the last 2 years
  • Experienced in data-driven decision-making and prioritization
  • Experience in managing products or projects
  • Proven track of designing consistent customer experience across all distribution channels or segments or products
  • Experience in budgeting, financing and business case delivery versus plan


  • Agile awareness
  • Consulting background

What we offer?

  • Uniqe possibility to lead the biggest technology transformation in the Bank, delivered in agile way of working;
  • Personal and Professional Growth.We offer you opportunities to develop and grow to unlock your potential;
  • We provide unique opportunity to run the Tribe like your own business;
  • Package of agile trainings;
  • Challenging tasks and decisions to take;
  • Compensation package relevant to the B-1 position.
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