Software Engineer (full stack)

About Silvair

Silvair is a company developing innovative technologies for the Internet of Things. Being at the forefront of the smart lighting revolution, we provide advanced software solutions for commercial building automation. As a leading contributor to the Bluetooth SIG, we have helped to develop Bluetooth mesh - a new wireless communication standard for the most challenging IoT applications.


Cloud and edge computing play a pivotal role in the IoT. Among the applications of the cloud and edge computing architecture, there are two areas that we at Silvair find the most interesting. The first is the ability to provide over-the-air updates, which became a critical driver of the IoT’s success. To send out OTA firmware updates, you need a platform that can interface with microprocessors and local software on IoT devices. Similarly intriguing is the second area that is remote monitoring & management of the IoT devices. A platform needs to provide an insight into data coming from a large number of network devices (nodes). Apart from the fact that it allows to easily manage these devices, it provides information that can be later used for multiple applications. Both areas require a software architecture which takes into account a complex ecosystem of cloud computing, edge, and the IoT. Doing it properly is challenging and requires out-of-the-box thinking. 

So if you are willing to work across cloud and edge computing boundaries, expand your knowledge of the IoT and work on the team that designs, develops and delivers solutions for complex IT problems, then this job is for you! We are using the latest available frameworks to speed up our development process and, what is more important, to constantly expand our knowledge about the IT technologies. As our platform is fully integrated with the cloud computing environment using virtualization containers, the job will offer many opportunities to learn technologies such as docker and Amazon AWS. We also believe that high-quality code is the only way to get a great final product, so we are investing our time into continuous integration with unit testing and static code analysis tools.


  • design new features and new modules of our software distribution platform and our building monitoring & management portal (which consisting of cloud services and edge devices)
  • develop high-quality code (cloud services as well the code which runs on the edge devices)
  • ensure clean, modular and reusable code
  • deploy and maintain developed cloud services (Amazon AWS)
  • take part in solving complex code problems
  • adhere to (but also challenge) coding methodologies, including unit tests, participate in improvements of the team development process and continuous integration environment 
  • produce supporting technical documents and accurate estimates

Essential job requirements

  • working experience (3+ years)
  • good knowledge of one of programming language - Java, Python or Scala
  • proficiency in one of web development framework
  • familiarity with Linux environment
  • knowledge of SQL, NoSQL databases
  • self-reliance in everyday work

Nice to have

  • experience with AWS stack
  • knowledge of Play Framework

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